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Project Management

Project management differs from general management in the sense that projects are temporary in duration. As a result, the project manager needs to be able to apply various management techniques to the project at the appropriate times. At a minimum, the project management task should focus on management of the following aspects of projects:






Project Integration


Human Resources, including Project Organization



Knowing what project management tools and techniques are available and how to apply them is critical for project success. These same aspects need to be managed in the case of international projects. However, international projects often require additional techniques in order for projects to be executed efficiently. Some examples:

Cultural issues

Use of modern engineering tools

Project organization

Frequency of face to face meeting

Time zone problems and opportunities

Specific considerations for international software development projects

Managing vacation times

Human Resources, including Project Organization

Communication techniques

Determination of when phone/email are best



Toltec supplies consulting resources for project management needs. The following services are offered:

  • General project management consulting, international projects expertise
  • Project organization review
    Including review of other factors critical for project success
  • Provision of a temporary project management for your project
  • Support in hiring a project manager
     Identification of skills, traits, behaviors, and knowledge required for this demanding job
  • Application of standard techniques
     e.g. Project Management Institute Techniques
  • Independent project assessments
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