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Embedded System Software Engineering:
 Real Time Embedded Software Systems Development

Embedded Systems Engineering

Embedded systems are those where software is crafted in a development environment computer and subsequently embedded in a separate target processor. This kind of development brings with it unique issues and problems that aren't normally found in what is thought of as "traditional" software development.

Toltec specializes in embedded development and has experience in embedded, real-time systems in the fields of medical devices, aerospace, aviation, and robotics. Toltec has knowledge and experience in the issues associated with cross-platform compilation, embedded operating systems, flash and EEPROM memory, debugging in the target environment, in-circuit emulators and oscilloscopes, and real-time networks.

From creating embedded software architectures to writing device drivers and hardware/software interfaces, Toltec has the experience and ability that is needed to positively affect development time and software quality.

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